Heather was born in Cape Town, South Africa and at the age of seven, began singing, dancing and performing. She had the good fortune to be trained in both classic and contemporary music, and has managed to build on those early experiences and develop her own personal style of music.

During her school years she continued this training and won numerous awards for her performances from the Royal Academy of Music. She also performed leading roles in local musicals and operas, and in high school, was selected as a member of an elite vocal group, the Bergvliet Singers, under the direction of Jan-Walter Gouws. She continued to study with Mr. Gouws privately, who nurtured her love for music and singing and helped to develop her voice through the study of classical style and theory.

In July of 1999 she moved to Southern California with her family and continued her musical development at high school. During this time she also studied with Bob Corff in Los Angeles and began her exploration into merging her classical training with a modern contemporary style to create her own unique approach and sound.

After graduating from high school in California, Heather began her search for a producer who would be able to develop her style further and started to work with Johnny Pierce at Cedarhouse Productions in Arrington, TN. Johnny was a four-time nominated Grammy songwriter and producer who had numerous successes, and the two of them immediately developed a friendship that enabled them to collaborate successfully together.

Heather has released her debut/demo album, titled "All You Need to Know".

Heather's musical influences are wide-ranging and include Sarah McLaughlin, Alanis Morissette, Jewel, Patty Griffin, Celine Dion, Vanessa Carlton, Shawn Colvin, Enya, Tracy Chapman, Cyndi Lauper, Sarah Brightman, and Chantal Kreviazuk.

Heather represents a new breed of international, aware, creative and talented artists through the unique interpretation of her knowingness and experience coupled with a solid base of training to produce musical products that impinge on the listener. She effectively merges California style with international experience to take the genre to a new level.



Heather Bright, 2005-2013